Lipstick Shades Best For Parties


red hot lipstick shades

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Lipstick shades is an easy way to enhance your overall look in an instant. It just adds that extra glamour to the face and is enough to make you look like a fashionista. Some new shades of lipsticks are popular nowadays and are also on trend. You should also adopt these trendy lipstick shades, but make sure to keep this points in mind before using them.

Pink Lipstick Shade

pink lipstick

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If you do not like the typical red lipstick shades, then its latest replacement is a pink lipstick. Pink lipsticks are trending these days. If you are wearing a light color outfit, then just put a pink lipstick and you are good to go.

  •  Do not make the mistake of matching the outfit with your pink lipstick. It will look very loud. Also, keep the makeup as simple as possible.
  • Keep your eye makeup nude or just add mascara.
  • Select pastel pink for the day and go for bright pink for the night at a party or dinner.
  • Also, remember to keep in mind your complexion while selecting your pink shade.

Coral Red Shade

coral red

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Coral Lipstick shades are the all-time favourite makeup trend. It all suits on all the skin tone and gives a bright and classic look to the face. Be it a wedding, a party or any special function – coral lipstick is the perfect selection for every function.

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