Top 4 Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi- Prices starting from Rs.7999

Here is a list of Top 5 Bridal Makeup artist in delhi. They are Extremely high Professional handpicked bridal makeup artists  in Delhi for brides with a budget of more than 30k .  Book ✓Professional makeup Artist for Wedding .

You get to be a dulhan only once. So take no chances when it comes to your bridal makeup. Here’s a special edition of the best makeup artists in  south delhi .

We present to you some of the most famous bridal makeup artists in Delhi:- 


Chandni Singh

charge Rs 30,000 for bridal & Rs.25,000 for party make up (Service tax will be charged extra). The charges include hair, make up, draping, nail paint & shampoo. My services are only available at the salon.Products used are Chanel, Lancome, Bobbi Brown & MAC. The make up will be water proof & long lasting and your lipstick wont budge. We have 3 categories of other artists available at the salon- junior, senior & senior most.

Anu kaushik

Anita Kaushik popularly known as Anu was born & brought up in Delhi has a degree in Political Science Hons. from Delhi University. Anu recognized her passion for makeup at the very young age of 16 when she enrolled herself at a salon for a self grooming course. Anu creates highly clean and minimal to more extreme and dramatics looks with the same ease her forte is her complete control over hair and makeup which makes it easier for her to visualize and create the final look.

komal Gulati

Komal Gulati Makeup Artist is a popular makeup artist who has worked with many brides and renowned clients. Providing paid trial makeup session to her brides-to-be this expert enhances and beautifies the bridal look in a beautiful manner. In addition, she has also worked with Beauty Business, Delhi Times, HT Bruch, Good House Keeping, India Today, Femina, Cosmopolitan, Grazia and many more.

Vidya Tikari

Vidya Tikari is amongst India’s top makeup artists. She is based out of Delhi where she has three salons. Vidya Tikari is Delhi’s top bridal makeup artist. She does bridal makeup in her signature style which is very natural and minimalist. She has been doing bridal makeup since more than a decade.

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How to Apply Eye Makeup in just 8 Steps

When it comes to making up your eyes, there are a few insider beauty tricks you can use to amp up your look . Apply your eye makeup using these tricks and, if you do it correctly, your eye makeup will last all day.

The Secrets to All-Day Eyeshadow

Before we get into the step-by-step process, there are a top secrets to eye makeup that lasts all day.

1.Choose a quality eyeshadow primer-A good primer, Use it as the base and your eyeshadow will stay put through rain, sweat, and even the heaviest of oil slicks produced by the skin.

2.Choose a quality eyeshadow– A good eyeshadow  have smooth effect on eye and give a bright look to your eyes. Stick with it and then have fun exploring the various color palettes available.

Now, onto the fun! It really only takes eight steps to get absolutely gorgeous eye makeup.

Step 1: Apply Concealer to Your Dark Areas

  • Apply three dots of concealer under each eye. Start at the inner corner where skin tends to be darkest, then under the pupil, and the third on the outer edge.
  • Pat (never rub) with your ring finger (this finger tends to have the softest pad) until the concealer disappears

Step 2: Prime Those Lids

  • Just as you prime a wall before you paint, you can prime your face before you apply makeup.This allows it to go on smoothly and makes it last longer. Eyeshadow primer is the secret to keeping your shadow in place for hours. It will keep the shadow looking great through workouts, torrential rains, a good cry, and even a night’s sleep.
  • To apply the primer, simply put a dot on each lid and blend it in.

Step 3: Line the Eyes

Line your eyes as close to the upper lashes as possible from the inner corner to the outer corner. Follow with liner below your eyes. Smudge the bottom line with a cotton pab or your finger. You don’t want a prominent line.

For a smokey eye, use a brush to pat in a dark eyeshadow along the upper lid and below the lid. You don’t want a stark line, but you want to blend it so it gets a nice smudge.

Step 4: A Few Swipes of Eyeshadow

  1. Start with a light color that almost matches your lid. Sweep the color across the lid and up to your brow bone.
  2. Follow with a medium color across your lid only.
  3. Build on this with a darker color in the crease.
  4. Blend the colors well.

    Step 5: Highlight the Inner Eye

    This step is a makeup artist’s secret and a trick that you will use all the time once you see the results. It involves only the inside part of the eye.

    Put a bit of your lightest eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye and it will brighten it significantly. You can dab a finger into the lightest eyeshadow in your palette and then press it into the inner corner of your eye where the upper lid meets the bottom lid. This totally makes eyes “pop.

    Step 6: Highlight Your Brow

    Take the same light eyeshadow and dab it on your brow bone, concentrating on your mid-brow outward. Blend with your finger. You can also use something just below and above the brow, but a super light shadow will do you.

    Step 7: Curl Your Lashes

    An eyelash curler will make even long lashes look more gorgeous. For added effect, you can heat the curler under a blowdryer for a couple seconds.

    This simple trick can make your eyelashes look bigger, fuller, and they’ll curl better. Simply blow a burst of hot air for no more than three seconds onto your eyelash curler before you curl your lashes. Make sure to test the metal on your arm before you clamp down so you don’t burn your lid, though.



    Step 8: Apply Mascara

    Finally, you’ll finish off your look with a little mascara. Simply place the wand of your mascara brush at the bottom of lashes and wiggle back and forth. Follow with another few sweeps of the wand. Apply to bottom lashes as well.

What do you need for perfect makeup

As per your preference, you can choose to skip the products you don’t wish to wear . It’s also really important to be aware of your skin-type as you can decide what kind of products to pick – oil based, water based or mineral makeup. Pick the kind that meets your personal requirements.





  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Blush/Bronzer
  • Powder
  • Eye shadow
  • Eye liner
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick/Gloss



How to prepare your skin before makeup

The mantra is to glow and make naturally flawless skin beings  with some amazing preparation for your skin.

Step 1 :  Cleansing  your  face

The first step to your daily routine should involve removing any traces of oil or dirt . You can use a gentle cleanser to wash your face to make it squeaky clean. Choose a facial cleanser that suits your skin type.

Step 2 :  Using a toner

A toner can actually do wonders for your skin. If you have an oily or acne-prone skin, then toners are a blessing for you. It helps to balance the pH levels of your skin and tighten your pores. Just dab some toner on a cotton pad and pat it all over your face and neck. Do add this step to your skincare regime!

Step 3 :  Applying Moisturizer

You need to hydrate your skin well, in order to get your makeup to look great. Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type and knock yourself out. It keeps the skin underneath your makeup healthy and it also helps to provide a smooth finish rather than a crakey look. You can also add a few drops of rose water to your cream or moisturizer for added hydration.

Following are these basic steps before stepping out can show significant improvement in your skin. So now that you have a clear picture of how to prepare your skin before makeup.




11 Things You Should Know About The Makeup ?

Most of us don’t know squat about our makeup and it’s not our fault, I mean there’s not a class called Makeup 101 or The History of Makeup. So, here i am going to tell you some amazing things about makeup.Share this knowledge with your and other makeup slaying friends. Learning is great and sharing is caring. But please, don’t share your makeup with each other, that’s makeup rule number one.

  •  Makeup is form of protest
  • Don’t worry in your pale
  • All glitters you put should not be gold
  • Lighting and highlighting is must
  • Lipstick should be equally managed
  • Choose your mascara with good brush
  • Brush  basic and Blending is must in makeup
  • Eyeliner
  • Contouring
  • Apply your foundation after moisturizing
  • Before makeup do cleansing , toning, and moisturize your skin