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Wearing eye shimmer is not a big task. You should just know how to do it properly. All you need is a great eye shimmer, a make-up brush, a makeup applicator and a little time to experiment at home before heading to the special occasion.

Powder eye shimmer works well for normal to oily skin while cream-based eyeshadows are best for dry skin.

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Steps to apply Eye Shimmer

  • Wash your face properly and apply moisturizer to make the skin smooth. 
  • Apply a foundation matching your skin tone and blend it evenly with your skin. This will remove any dark circles, red blemishes and fine lines surrounding your eyes. Use a special under eye concealer for under eye bags. You have prepared a base for your eye makeup.
  • First, apply a light layer of eyeshadow primer matching your dress on the eye-lids and beneath the eyes. Make sure the eyeshadow matches the colour of shimmer you intend to wear. Line your lower eyelids with an eye pencil of the same colour for a more dramatic look.
  • Apply eye liner near the eye lids. You can use a liquid or a pencil eye liner. It can also be applied on your lower eyelid. Leave it to dry.
  • Now dip the brush in the shimmer, blow off the extra shimmer and then, gently apply it on the eye-lids. Apply the shimmer towards outer direction. Another alternative is to wet the brush a little, dip it into the shimmer powder and apply on the eyes. This will make sure that the shadow sticks to your eyelids for a longer time.

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  • Mix the shimmer properly with brush. Remove the extra shimmer with a tissue.
  • Liquid or cream eye shimmers are easy to apply compared to powder eye shimmer. Distribute the product evenly on your upper eyelid. For a little extra glamour, add a touch of powder eye shimmer and finish off with a gorgeous shimmery mascara.
  • Always use a light coloured shimmer to highlight the eyebrow region. It is applied below the eyebrows to enhance their look.
  • The shimmer of a darker colour is applied on rest of the eyelid.
  • You can apply shimmer on eyelashes too. Just dip the mascara brush in the shimmer and apply it on the lashes. It will give a sense of sparkle to your eyes.   

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