Simran Aggarwal – About Me

Hi, I am Simran Aggarwal, fashion and beauty blogger.

“I’ve always had an affinity for makeup and beauty ever since I was a child.  Hence, I used to end up buying many products and reading beauty reviews. That opened me up to the world of beauty blogging and I realised my inputs and reviews could be valuable for some.”

I decided to follow my passion as a profession. A full-time beauty blogger, I love to explore fashion, beauty, style etc.

“My love for creating new looks and experimenting with colours keeps me going as a beauty blogger. I love to try out new trends.”

When someone asked to share my daily beauty regimen, this is what  I used to say, “Well, I am a lazy person but cleansing, toning, eye cream, moisturizing, and applying lip balm is a must for me before going to bed.

Starting a blog doesn’t have to be that hard for me, but what needs to remain constant is my determination. And if you feel you have it in you – take a plunge, do your research, get inspired. Who knows, someday you might get featured as one of the top Delhi beauty bloggers in our write-up.

So, What I will update on my site will be:

Look out for the right foundation shade, lipstick hacks, skin care, beauty tips or want to tell how to get flawless skinhead, over to my blog and find it all there. Easy and simple!

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