11 Things You Should Know About The Makeup ?

Most of us don’t know squat about our makeup and it’s not our fault, I mean there’s not a class called Makeup 101 or The History of Makeup. So, here i am going to tell you some amazing things about makeup.Share this knowledge with your and other makeup slaying friends. Learning is great and sharing is caring. But please, don’t share your makeup with each other, that’s makeup rule number one.

  •  Makeup is form of protest
  • Don’t worry in your pale
  • All glitters you put should not be gold
  • Lighting and highlighting is must
  • Lipstick should be equally managed
  • Choose your mascara with good brush
  • Brush  basic and Blending is must in makeup
  • Eyeliner
  • Contouring
  • Apply your foundation after moisturizing
  • Before makeup do cleansing , toning, and moisturize your skin

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